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Our focus is on providing you with comprehensive resources that cater to your physical, mental, and overall health in your German journey.

In this category, we cover a wide spectrum of health-related topics. Learn about Germany’s healthcare system, from how to find and use pharmacies to understanding health insurance. Our guides are designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of these essential aspects of living in Germany.

We also delve into niche health topics that are gaining global traction, such as the use of CBD. In Germany, the CBD market has been growing steadily, and our guides on CBD gummies and CBD in general will give you the insight you need to make informed decisions.

Furthermore, we realize the importance of immediate health assistance. That’s why we provide information on private hospitals and how to access quality healthcare when you need it most.

The Health & Wellness section of GermanyExpat is designed to empower you to take control of your health while living or traveling in Germany. With our resources, you’ll have the knowledge you need to maintain and enhance your well-being during your stay. Explore our guides today and embark on a healthy German adventure!

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Health Insurance in Germany: In-Depth Guide (2024)

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Private Hospitals in Germany: All Your Questions Answered

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CBD Gummies in Germany: Legality, Benefits, and Buying Tips

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CBD in Germany: Legal Status & Where To Buy It (2024)

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Pharmacies in Germany Explained: A Complete Guide for Expats

When moving to a new country, you’ll likely find yourself is a pharmacy, or “Apotheke” as it’s called in German, at some point. Whether you’re seeking over-the-counter medication, filling a prescription, or simply picking up everyday health essentials, understanding how pharmacies operate in Germany can make your life significantly easier. In this guide, we’ll walk … Read more

Travel Insurance in Germany: What You Need To Know (2024)

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Drinking Age in Germany: Understanding The Law (2024)

The social norms surrounding alcohol and the legal guidelines for its consumption are also important aspects that can significantly affect your experience in the country. Knowing the drinking age, along with the laws and customs that go hand in hand with it, is essential for both enjoying your time responsibly and staying on the right … Read more