Buying A PS5 in Germany: The Essential 2024 Buying Guide

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Welcome to our guide on buying a PS5 in Germany. The PlayStation 5 or PS5 is Sony’s latest gaming console and has taken the world by storm with its advanced features, stunning graphics, and exclusive game titles. However, acquiring one has been a challenge worldwide due to unprecedented demand and limited supply.

In Germany, the situation is no different. Despite its popularity, getting your hands on a PS5 can be a cumbersome process. From where to buy and what to expect in terms of price and availability to overcoming language barriers. Let’s dive right in.


  • Buying a PS5 in Germany involves multiple retail options, both online and in-store.
  • Prices for the PS5 can vary depending on the retailer and current stock availability.
  • Warranties usually last for two years and may be claimed through the retailer.
  • The 14-day return policy generally applies to online purchases, but store policies can differ.
  • Additional accessories like controllers, charging stations, and headsets can enhance your gaming experience.
  • Germany uses type F plugs and 230V voltage, but the PS5 has a universal power supply.

Where to Buy a PS5 in Germany

Finding the right place to buy a PS5 in Germany involves considering both physical retailers and online shops. Each option has its pros and cons, especially when taking into account availability, convenience, and language options.

Physical Retailers


Saturn is a well-known electronics retailer in Germany. If you prefer to physically examine the console before purchasing, Saturn is an excellent option. Stores are generally well-stocked, although availability can fluctuate due to high demand.


Similar to Saturn, MediaMarkt is another go-to electronics store. It often offers bundle deals, where you can get a PS5 along with accessories or games at a slightly discounted rate.


While not as widespread as Saturn and MediaMarkt, GameStop is a specialized gaming store that occasionally offers trade-in promotions. This could be a useful option if you have an older console that you’d like to trade in for a new PS5.

Online Retailers

Amazon’s German website is often a reliable choice for buying a PS5. Keep an eye on their website or subscribe to alerts for when new stock arrives.


If you’re considering buying from eBay, exercise caution. Prices can be significantly inflated due to resellers, and there’s a risk of scams. Always check the seller’s ratings and reviews.


Otto is another online marketplace where you might find PS5 consoles. They also offer a variety of payment options, which can be convenient.

In terms of language, major physical retailers like Saturn and MediaMarkt usually have English-speaking staff in larger cities. For online platforms, your browser can typically translate pages to English, although some nuances may get lost in translation. Regardless, the primary challenge in securing a PS5 tends to be less about language and more about acting fast when new stock arrives.

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Language Barriers in Stores and Online Shops

If you’re concerned about the language barrier when buying a PS5 in Germany, rest assured that there are several ways to make the process smoother.

In-Store Experience

In large cities like Berlin, Munich, or Frankfurt, you’re more likely to encounter English-speaking staff at major retailers like Saturn, MediaMarkt, and GameStop. If you’re in smaller towns, English-speaking staff might be less common, but don’t let that deter you. Many people in Germany have a basic understanding of English, so simple communication is often possible.

Online Shopping

When it comes to online shopping, language barriers are more easily overcome. Websites of major retailers often have an English language option. Even if they don’t, modern web browsers offer translation features that make navigating these websites more manageable. Google Translate can also be your ally; just copy and paste any phrases or sections you don’t understand into the translator.

Helpful Phrases

While not essential, knowing a few basic German phrases related to shopping can make your experience easier. Here are a few:

  • “Haben Sie die PS5 auf Lager?” – Do you have the PS5 in stock?
  • “Ich möchte eine PS5 kaufen.” – I would like to buy a PS5.
  • “Kann ich mit Kreditkarte bezahlen?” – Can I pay with a credit card?
  • “Gibt es eine Garantie?” – Is there a warranty?

Price Range and Currency

Understanding the financial aspects of purchasing a PS5 in Germany is crucial, especially when dealing with foreign currency and possibly fluctuating prices. Let’s dive into what you can expect to pay for a PS5 in Germany.

Expected Price Range

The standard edition of the PlayStation 5 generally retails for around €499.99, while the Digital Edition, which doesn’t include a disc drive, is typically priced at €399.99. However, these prices can vary slightly depending on the retailer and any ongoing promotions or bundle deals.

Additional Costs

Besides the console’s base price, be prepared for additional costs such as:

  • Sales tax (VAT), which is included in the displayed price in Germany
  • Optional extended warranties or protection plans
  • Accessories like additional controllers, priced around €60-€70 each
  • Video games, which can range from €40 to €80

Non-EU residents should also be aware that they might face import taxes if they plan to take the console out of the European Union.

Currency and Conversion

All prices will be listed in euros (€), so make sure you’re aware of the current conversion rates if you’re planning to use a non-Euro currency. It’s advisable to check with your bank regarding foreign transaction fees, as these can add unexpected costs to your purchase.

Payment Flexibility

Most stores in Germany accept a range of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, making it easy for foreigners to make a purchase without having to deal with currency exchange manually.

Availability and Stock of PS5 in Germany

buying a ps5 in germany

One of the most challenging aspects of purchasing a PS5 in Germany is its availability—or lack thereof. Given the console’s high demand and limited supply, securing one can sometimes feel like winning a small lottery. Let’s discuss strategies to improve your odds.

Real-Time Tracking Websites

Several websites and platforms offer real-time tracking of PS5 stock across various retailers. These include German-specific tracking sites, as well as international ones that cover multiple countries. Utilizing these platforms can give you an edge by alerting you as soon as stock becomes available.

Newsletters and Stock Alerts

Many retailers offer the option to subscribe to newsletters or stock alerts for specific products. By signing up, you’ll receive an email or even a text message when new stock arrives. Given how quickly PS5 units sell out, being among the first to know can be a considerable advantage.

Importance of Acting Fast

When you receive a notification that a PS5 is in stock, acting fast is of the essence. These consoles often sell out within minutes, so having your payment information ready and being quick to click can make all the difference.

Seasonal Considerations

Be extra vigilant during high-demand seasons like the winter holidays or during special sales events, such as Black Friday. While more stock is often released during these times, competition is also fiercer.

Bundles and Special Editions

Occasionally, retailers will offer PS5 bundles that include games or accessories. While these bundles may be a bit more expensive, they can also be easier to find in stock compared to the standalone console.

Payment Options

Here’s a rundown of the most common payment methods you can use in Germany, both online and in physical stores.

Credit/Debit Cards

Major credit and debit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are widely accepted in Germany. If you’re shopping online, you’ll usually have to provide additional security verification like a CVV code. For in-store purchases, a PIN may be required, so make sure to know yours.


PayPal is another convenient payment option, especially for online purchases. It offers the added benefit of a quicker checkout process, as you can bypass entering your shipping and billing information by logging into your PayPal account.

Gift Cards

Some retailers offer gift cards that can be used for buying a PS5. This could be a good option if you receive one as a gift or if you want to set a specific budget for your purchase. Just ensure the gift card is valid for electronics or specifically for gaming consoles.


While cash payments are becoming less common, especially for high-value items, some stores still accept cash for in-store purchases. However, due to the high cost of the PS5, carrying large amounts of cash may not be advisable for security reasons.

Financing Options

Some retailers like MediaMarkt and Saturn offer financing options, which allow you to pay for your PS5 in installments. This can make the purchase more manageable financially but be aware of interest rates and other terms and conditions.

Warranties and Guarantees

When you’re making an investment in something as valuable as a PS5, understanding the warranty and guarantee terms is crucial. This knowledge not only gives you peace of mind but can also save you from potential future headaches.

Typical Warranty Duration

In Germany, consumer electronics like the PS5 typically come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. This means that if your console malfunctions due to a manufacturing defect within this period, you can get it repaired or replaced free of charge.

How to Claim Warranty

Claiming warranty in Germany generally involves the following steps:

  1. Keep Your Receipt: Always keep your purchase receipt in a safe place, as you will likely need it to claim your warranty.
  2. Contact the Retailer: If you encounter issues with your PS5, the first step is usually to contact the retailer where you purchased the console. They can guide you through the next steps for repair or replacement.
  3. Online Registration: Some manufacturers, including Sony, recommend registering your product online to streamline the warranty claim process.
  4. Repair or Replacement: Depending on the nature of the defect, the retailer or manufacturer will either repair your console or provide a replacement.

International Warranties

If you’re a non-resident and plan on taking your PS5 out of Germany, check whether the warranty is international. Some warranties are limited to the country of purchase, which could complicate things if you return to your home country and encounter issues with the console.

Additional Protection Plans

Some retailers offer extended warranties or additional protection plans for an extra fee. While not necessary for everyone, these plans can offer benefits like accidental damage coverage, which is not included in standard warranties.

Return Policy When Buying a PS5 in Germany

Even with the best of intentions and research, sometimes things don’t work out. Maybe the PS5 isn’t what you expected, or perhaps you’ve encountered an issue soon after purchase. Knowing the return policy can help ease some of these anxieties. Here’s what you need to know about returning a PS5 in Germany.

Statutory Right to Return

In Germany, consumers have a statutory right to return most online purchases within 14 days of receipt, without providing any reason. This right is particularly useful for online shoppers who can’t examine the product physically before buying. Note that this policy usually applies only to online or other distance sales, not in-store purchases.

Retailer Policies

Physical retailers like Saturn, MediaMarkt, and GameStop have their own return policies, which can vary. These are typically less generous than the 14-day online return window but often allow for returns within a shorter timeframe, such as 7 days, especially if the product is unopened and in its original packaging.

Restocking Fees

Some retailers might charge a restocking fee for returned items, particularly if the product has been opened or used. Always read the fine print on the return policy to avoid any unexpected charges.

Returning Bundles

If you purchased a PS5 as part of a bundle with games and accessories, the return policy might be different. Usually, you’ll need to return the entire bundle to receive a refund.

Receipt and Packaging

To facilitate a return, keep your receipt and all original packaging. Some retailers may refuse returns if the original packaging is missing or damaged.


Most return policies exclude items that have been modified or damaged by the user. Also, digital content like downloaded games typically can’t be returned.

Additional Accessories

When investing in a PS5, the console itself is just the starting point. There’s a host of additional accessories that can enhance your gaming experience or make it more convenient. While these are not strictly necessary for playing, they can certainly add value to your setup.

Accessory TypePrice Range (€)
Extra Controller60 – 70
Charging Station25 – 35
HeadsetsAround 100
External StorageStarts at 80
PlayStation CameraAround 60
Custom Skins/Covers10 – 40+


The PS5 comes with one DualSense controller, but you’ll likely want to purchase additional controllers for multiplayer gaming. Extra controllers generally range in price from €60 to €70.

Charging Stations

A DualSense charging station can be a wise investment for those with multiple controllers. Not only does it neatly store your controllers, but it also charges them quickly. Expect to pay around €25 to €35 for an official Sony charging station.


For an immersive audio experience, especially in games that rely heavily on sound design, a quality headset can make a significant difference. The official Pulse 3D wireless headset designed for the PS5 costs approximately €100 but there are many other compatible options across various price points.

External Storage

The PS5 has a limited built-in storage capacity, and given the large file sizes of modern games, you may quickly find yourself running out of space. External SSDs compatible with the PS5 can vary in price depending on the storage size, starting from around €80 for 500GB.

Camera and VR

The PlayStation Camera, required for PS VR, is another accessory you might consider. This is especially true if you’re interested in streaming your gameplay or diving into virtual reality. The camera costs around €60, while the VR setup can run upwards of €300.

Custom Skins and Covers

For those looking to personalize their PS5, custom skins and covers can add a unique touch. These range widely in price, from affordable stickers for €10 to high-quality, custom-designed shells for €40 or more.

Plugs and Voltage

When you’re planning to buy a PS5 in Germany, especially as a foreigner, it’s essential to consider the technical specifications like plug types and voltage.

Ensuring compatibility with your local electrical systems can save you from dealing with adaptors or, worse, damaged equipment.

Plug Type

In Germany, the standard voltage is 230V, and the standard frequency is 50Hz.

The power plugs and sockets used are of type F. This plug type is a two-pronged design with two rounded pins.

Ensure that the cable included with the PS5 is compatible with these specifications.

Adaptors and Converters

If you are from a country with different plug types or voltage standards, you will likely need an adaptor or converter. An adaptor will allow your PS5’s plug to fit into a different type of socket, while a converter will change the voltage to a level your device can handle.

Adaptors: These are relatively straightforward and simply adapt the shape of the plug. They are also generally affordable, ranging from €5 to €15.

Converters: These are more complex devices that also adjust the voltage and are significantly more expensive, with prices often starting at €30 or more.

Universal Power Supply

The good news is that the PS5 comes with a universal power supply that can handle inputs from 100V to 240V, making it compatible with most electrical systems worldwide. This means that, for most users, a simple plug adaptor should be sufficient.

Travel Considerations

If you plan on taking your PS5 back to your home country or elsewhere, double-check the electrical specifications there and purchase any necessary adaptors or converters in advance.

Being aware of the plug and voltage requirements can save you from potential issues down the line. Take these considerations into account before making your purchase to ensure a seamless setup and gaming experience.

Setting Up Your PS5

Congratulations, you’ve navigated the complexities of buying a PS5 in Germany, and now it’s time to set it up. Although the process is generally user-friendly, understanding the steps involved can ensure a smooth setup, allowing you to jump right into your gaming adventures.

Initial Unboxing

The first step is the unboxing. Inside the box, you should find:

  • The PS5 console
  • One DualSense controller
  • A power cable
  • An HDMI cable
  • A USB-C cable for the controller.

Double-check to ensure all these components are included.

Power and Display Connections

  1. Connect the Power Cable: Plug one end of the power cable into the PS5 and the other into a wall outlet.
  2. HDMI Cable: Connect the HDMI cable from the PS5 to your TV or monitor.

Turning On and Initial Setup

  1. Power Up: Turn on the PS5 by pressing the power button on the console.
  2. Language Selection: You’ll be prompted to select a language. Choose your preferred language to proceed.
  3. Network Setup: Connect to your Wi-Fi network or use an Ethernet cable for a wired connection.
  4. System Software Update: Most likely, there will be a system software update. Follow the prompts to download and install.
  5. Sign In or Create a PlayStation Network Account: You will be prompted to sign in to your PlayStation Network (PSN) account. If you don’t have one, you’ll have the option to create one.

Controller Setup

  1. Connecting the DualSense Controller: Use the provided USB-C cable to connect the controller to the PS5 initially. After that, it can be used wirelessly.
  2. Updating Controller: Sometimes, a firmware update for the controller may be available. Follow on-screen instructions to complete this if prompted.

Customization and Preferences

After the basics are completed, you’ll have the option to customize various settings like:

Screen and Video Settings: Adjust the display resolution, HDR settings, etc.

Audio Settings: Set up your preferred audio output methods.

Privacy Settings: Customize who can see your profile, game activities, and more.

Game Installation

Finally, you can either insert physical game discs for installation or navigate to the PlayStation Store to download digital games.

Setting up your PS5 involves multiple steps, but they are generally straightforward and designed to be accessible even for those who may not be tech-savvy. Once your setup is complete, you’re ready to dive into the expansive world of PS5 gaming.


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